My First Blog

So…..this is my first ever blog! I have to say I am very nervous about writing this as it is a totally alien experience. This is just the first installment to get me started, it might be a bit fractous but I promise it will get better!

During my interactive media strategies (IMS) lab today we discussed the importance of technology to ourselves and talked about our own experiences of different technologies.

I have now set up this blog as a result of this class. I was thinking to myself why should I feel afraid of the technology that I freely admit to being an intimate part of my everyday life. I know that I couldnt live without it, so why do I avoid it?

I suppose I was afraid of what other people will think of my seemingly irrelevant thoughts clogging up the internet. I thought that blogs were totally egotistical and assumed no one would want to listen to what I had to say, or that what I wrote had to mean something spectactular.

But the reality is…it doesnt have to mean any of those things. This blog is just a little piece of me and if people want to read it they can and if they dont like it who cares.


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